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Sherman Oaks DUI Lawyer

Sherman Oaks DUI Lawyer If you've been hit with a drunk driving charge in or around Sherman Oaks or Los Angeles keep in mind that an attorney will have the ability to steer you throughout every part of your case. DUI attorneys participate in a specialty area of law. You want the best DUI attorney that will help you at the moment and in your local area. Rather than that, you should find a competent drunk-driving attorney that’s going to represent your rights.

Assault Lawyer Fort Mcmurray
Chadi and Company
(780) 791-7971
If you need a professional, experienced assault lawyer in Fort McMurray, the skilled attorneys at Chadi and Company Law Office have some of the best lawyers in the state. When you trust Chadi and Company, you are guaranteed nothing less than top notch care while they fight for your case. Call (780)-791-7971 for more information or go to

Criminal Defense Lawyer Twin Cities
Lynne Torgerson Criminal Defense
How A Criminal Defense Lawyer Twin Cities Can Transform Your Life If you are Twin Cities resident facing accusations of criminal wrongdoing, whether murder or a simple traffic offense, hiring a good criminal defense lawyer Twin Cities is the first step towards getting your life back on track. Torgerson Criminal Defense has defended thousands of defendants over the years and has an impressive track record of helping people avoid the worst punishments.

Business Lawyer Grand Junction CO

LaCroix & Hand, P.C.
725 Rood Ave.
Grand Junction CO 81501 US
If you need to speak with a Business Lawyer in the Grand Junction, CO area, consider LaCroix & Hand P.C. 89% of all businesses fail because they are not properly prepared for business problems such as having a proper entity. The attorneys ar LaCroix & Hand are your secret board members who will help you avoid making a fatal mistake in your business formation. Call today, at 970-245-4601 to schedule a consultation. LaCroix & Hand, P.C.

Cleaning Up Your Criminal Record Is Possible

Adam Stull Expungement Lawyer Orange County Ca
23151 Moulton Parkway
Laguna Hills CA 92653 US
Cleaning up your criminal record in Orange County California is possible with the help of a qualified lawyer from an expungement law firm. Find experienced and skilled expungement lawyers at the Law Offices of Stull & Stull. They are familiar with the judges and prosecutors, as well as the California court system. Cleaning Up Your Criminal Record

Toronto Paralegal
Civil Litigations are Toronto paralegal experts in Small Claims Court representation, Landlord and Tenant Board representation, and also offer process serving in the Greater Toronto area. There are times when you need the assistance of a licensed, experienced paralegal to represent or assist you. When you do, call Civil Litigations at 416-229-1479.

Expungement Pa

The Law Offices of Basil D. Beck III
11 East Airy Street
Norristown PA 19401 US
If you are in need of official and legal expungement in PA, trust only the experts at the Law Office of Basil D Beck III. Basil D Beck and his professional legal team have the experience and knowledge needed to gain any expungement you may be legally entitled to; for more details, you can call (610)-239-8870 or go online to The Law Offices Of Basil D. Beck III

Long Island Personal Injury
lawsuits which are filed in new york require an insurance defense law firm to represent defendants on behalf of their insurance carriers in courts and arbitrations. Personal injury cases can be complex and require expert legal help to be sucessful.  Our offices are located in Long Island, NY.

Child Care Insurance
Day Care Insurance Services, Inc.
As specialists in child care insurance, we are avid educators within the child care industry; conducting informational workshops provider associations and resource and referral agencies about problems and hazards they may face, as well as public policy changes. We firmly believe that by giving back to the community the provider becomes an anchor in the child care insurance industry. Formed in 1968, DC Insurance Services, Inc. has been and continues to be a mainstay for the child care insurance industry, providing affordable Professional Liability Coverage and Student Accident polices.

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Sure, monitary cost is of serious concern for most all people and families. However, if you're facing criminal charges, what kind of price do you put on your freedom? Your reputation? Your family? Certainly more than a lawyer's bill. We offer free case evaluations and negotiable payment plans to ensure both your case and pocketbook are well looked after in the process.

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Our law firm will do everything in our power to ensure our client's rights are protected and represented in the face of the law. Don't leave your case to just anyone, trust in our team of criminal defense experts to help negotiate and navigate your legal situation to the best result possible.

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“I went from looking at a felony charge (2nd offense) to receiving a misdemeanor and probation, I'm ecstatic. Thank you again for your amazing support.”

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“One of the best decisions I've ever made contacting this firm. Defense Lawyers LA listened to me like I was family and responded almost immediately to all of my emails and requests. Thank you SO much.”

Jeffrey R.

“From start to finish their team made my case something I didn't have to worry about near as much. Thank you for your quick response and help in my case DISMISSAL. We still can't believe it.”

Julio R.

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When you are accused of a criminal act, you need to choose an attorney that understands your type of case. We have a group of experienced criminal defense trial lawyers that are ready to defend you and your rights. Reach out to our team anytime for a free consultation.

Los Angeles crime lawyer Peter Weiss

Peter Weiss, Sr.

Principal Partner, Defense Lawyer
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Rebecca Fergusson

Managing Partner, Trial Lawyer
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Diego Cordova

Associate Attorney

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consent to a search?

If a police officer doesn't have a valid search warrant for your car, property, or person, they generally do not have the right to conduct a warrant-less search.. The law can be complex in the area, but in general the cops do not have the legal right to conduct a search without a warrant when they ask your permission. Some officers may try to convince you that it will help your case if you comply, but it is your right to hold your ground. Contact an attorney to discuss your legal situation.

What is at risk in a DUI case?

If you've been accused of or charged with a DUI or DWI in the Los Angeles area, reach out to our team of criminal defense experts. We have experience with getting clients off for the least punishment and probation as possible. We assure to defend your rights and give you the representation you deserve. Don't put your financial situation, job, reputation, or potentially family at risk because of your mistake... Consult our team of experts to ensure you take the next right step forward in your legal case and in your life.

I've been served a court date, now what?

Understanding your local and state laws when it comes to your individual case can be of utmost importance. Our team of Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys know the ins-and-outs of the local criminal system, and can represent your case as good as any team in the area. We have helped hundreds of California residents navigate DUI, assault, theft and other criminal cases across the state of California. If you've been issued a court date in CA, inform an attorney as soon as possible so they can be present and prepared at trial to argue and represent on your behalf. Our team offers free initial consultations and can be reached at (818) 446-6125 anytime.

Are we talking a Felony or a Misdemeanor charge?

In the state of California, a criminal felony charge can be punishable by a year (more or) in state prison. Any misdemeanor charge is never a prison sentence for longer than a year total. Most times, cases that can be thrown out or settled in the misdemeanor category result in no jail time, however you can still be facing a criminal charge and record. To be sure your rights are adequately represented, make sure to consult our team of attorneys. Your first call is always free and will leave you with a much better understanding of the situation than before you called. What do you have to lose?


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We are a full service criminal defense law firm serving the Greater Los Angeles California area. We have offices in Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, and Riverside, but offer consultations throughout the entire state. Call our offices today at (818) 446-6125 or reach out to us via the contact form on the left. Always offering free initial consultations and adhering to all confidentiality code.

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